Classic high-heeled shoes

Published: 14th May 2010
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On the Oscar academy awards ceremony,there once were shown 45 pairs of Jimmy choo.Why the celebraties love the jimmy choo high heeled shoes so much?I think anyone who have worn Jimmy choo knew the reasons.You won't feel ache while you are wearing the Jimmy choo high heeled shoes.In only 12 years,Jimmy choo rising to the proprietary shoes for stars.

The high heeled quenn sarah jessica parker once said that:"having on the hardy shoes,you whole body just like on electricty"However,the designers said:"They must be beautiful that one could hardly bear to put it down at the first sight."They will become the highlight of your whole apperance.

Chanel speard out the whole world with four pairs of double color. Black toe cap and beige quarter, beige one side and elastic, these two elements form of chanel pair of brown shoes. the head of the square black shoes, the beige one looks the more, and stretch your legs of the line. the inside his shoe lace, and avoid not only more humor, can also go along with the feet and pressure. so graceful and considerate design make ladies love them.

Without above average attitude, more than 10 cm of high heels are very difficult to manage, details of our design and color sex, most women's feeling, this is a bright color heels of rossi sergio. Ten years ago, the italian family join in brand success, gucci group of influence spread rapidly from italy to world.

Marilyn monroe shot to fame after she wear salvatore ferragamo as her first pair of metals such as slinky stilettos,as she was of the film of the enthusiasm of the year, marilyn monroe. the class was covered with a pair of high-heels red crystal salvatore ferragamo to recover 42,000 dollars in london auction, fully proved that he was called "hollywood red shoes teacher" in fact built. more than 80 years, salvatore heels become the symbol of aesthetics.

One afternoon in 1992, Christian louboutin stared at the assistant on the nail polish, and a sudden inspiration came out, there will be most to see the soles of the paint is red, red on the bread of birth! louboutin said red shoes is like a lipstick on the shoes , let us unconsciously want to kiss the soles." so far, 17 years passed, it only for high- heeled shoes, jessica, christina aguilera sarah parker a ticket stars wearing the christian louboutin shoes on their wedding.The red sole is a happiness charm,once you wear them on,you won't put them down for they are so sweet.

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